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Blue Steller's Jay perched amid orange-red buds

Birds bring beauty into our lives
Image © Danna L. Cruzan-Sexsmith (external link)

What You Will Learn

In this website, you will learn some easy ways to attract birds, identify birds, and help birds beyond your backyard. You will also find advice on purchasing bird books and binoculars, how to use them, and where to buy them. There are also links to references on birds and birding, organizations, publications, and articles of interest. May this be the beginning of a wonderful hobby for you!

Why You Should Watch Birds

Birding will bring you many benefits, right in your own backyard! The simple act of putting up a bird feeder could lead to a lifetime of enjoyment. Birds bring us:

Beauty and Song

Attracting Birds into your backyard will also bring color, music, and motion. As you learn to look more closely, you'll sharpen your powers of observation, see that all those little brown birds (LBBs) are actually full of beautiful colors and markings. Waking up to the sound of birdsong is an added bonus!


Warning: Birding is addictive! Putting up a backyard bird feeder could be the beginning of a life-long hobby (or obsession, in some cases). Not only is watching birds at your feeder enjoyable and relaxing, you will end up being entertained for hours on end as you notice things like "pecking order" and personality in your little house-guests.

Blackburnian Warblers Migrate to the tropics and back, eating bugs and insect larvae along 
the way

Blackburnian Warbler - a neotropical migrant
Image © 2005 Michael Allen McDowell (external link)

You'll get to know your "regulars" and you'll get excited when special visitors come from time to time. Birding sharpens your powers of observation - you may have never noticed the migrants that pass through your yard with the changing of seasons before, but soon you'll start to anticipate the first appearance of spring migrants, and notice when their calls change to mating calls - ooh la la!

Ecological Benefit

Attracting birds to your garden will help keep insect pests down, as birds will not only eat your seeds and suet, but will also clean up garden pests and flies. Hummingbirds will also pollinate your flowers and eat mosquitoes. Healthy bird populations also carry ecological benefit far beyond your own backyard, because they migrate long distances, as you will learn.

How You Can Help Birds

Those birds in your back yard have connections - connections to far away places! Find out what you can do to keep them healthy and coming back year after year, both in your back yard and far beyond it.

I'm ready to start! Bring on the LBBs!
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